• Click Here for- Workers Comp Investigation: We can conduct workers compensation investigations using surveillance and a variety of additional investigative techniques in order to discover fraudulent claims and uncover the truth.

  • Click Here For- Insurance Services & Insurance Fraud Investigation:¬†We offer a variety of insurance investigation services to help insurance companies investigate claims for all types of cases. This includes discovering fraudulent claims in auto accident, slip and fall, product liability, and life insurance cases.

  • Click Here For- Attorney Services: Our private detectives can provide a variety of attorney services to help attorneys and law firms investigate a case and develop a defense while preparing for any litigation or trial.

  • Click Here For0 Fraud Investigation: We offer private detective services for all types of fraud investigations. For example, we can help uncover the truth and catch fraudulent criminals for insurance, accident, injury, medical malpractice, and disability investigations.

  • Click Here For- Digital Forensics: Our digital forensics team delivers unsurpassed forensic analysis of computers, network communications and mobile devices. SVI not only enables the most technologically advanced digital forensics, but we present solutions for organizations of any size.

  • Click Here For- Asset Recovery: Our private detectives can work with companies, insurance companies, and individuals in order to locate lost, stolen, or damaged property. This includes recovering all types of assets such as cargo, equipment, heavy machinery, goods, and money.

  • Click Here For- Civil & Criminal Background Search & Investigation: Our private detectives can conduct all types of civil and criminal background investigations. We can discover a variety of types of information during these investigations making them ideal for employee background checks, tenant screening, family and personal protection, legal investigations, and more.

  • Click Here For- Infidelity Investigation to Catch a Cheating Spouse: We can conduct surveillance and covert investigations in order to catch a cheating spouse and provide you with the evidence you need.

  • Click Here For- Witness Statements for Accident Investigation: Our private detectives can locate witnesses and obtain recorded or written witness statements, which often become a key piece of evidence in many accident and injury cases.