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logo-head-only Our Attorney Services: Investigation for Accident, Criminal Defense, & Civil Litigation

As a leading private investigator, we offer a complete range of attorney services. These services can help attorneys and individuals prepare a case for trail, organize and gather evidence, and uncover new facts or leads. By using the latest investigative techniques, our private investigators can help you to prepare a defense for nearly any type of case. For example, our attorney services are available for accident related cases, criminal defense, and civil cases.

Our private investigator can provide a complete variety of investigative attorney services to help you collect evidence and build a defense for any case. Depending on the type of case and the circumstances surrounding the case on which you are working, the specific types of services that you will require may vary. Some of the types of attorney services that are available from SVI include:

  • Locates: We will use a variety of techniques in order to identify, locate, and track down any witnesses or other crucial individuals when investigating your case.
  • Witness Interviews: Witness interviews are one of the most important attorney services we offer as they provide key evidence and can offer new insight to a case. Our private investigator can collect written, audio, or video statements as part of any accident investigation or other investigative attorney service. These witness statements may discover new evidence and can be used as evidence during trial.
  • Surveillance: As part of our attorney services, our private investigators can conduct covert surveillance in order to collect video evidence and documentation that can be used when building the defense for any case.
  • Accident Site Inspection: We can return to the scene where any accident or injury occurred in order to reconstruct the accident as it happened. During this process, we will especially consider terrain and witness statements as part of this investigation. Our private investigator will then develop an investigative report showing the facts and any new findings that this investigation revealed.
  • Legal Testimony: Our private investigator can not only offer attorney services to collect evidence, which can be used in a trial, but can also provide legal testimony to support this documented information.
  • Case Analysis: Case analysis is often the first step when preparing a defense. This attorney service includes reviewing any existing case documentation and evidence. Our private investigators can then make recommendations as to the direction a defense should take and offer insight as to which aspects require further investigation.
  • Trial Preparation: This is a complete approach to investigating any case and helping an attorney prepare for trial. It will include a variety of attorney services such as evidence gathering, evidence analysis, preparing witness testimony, creating investigative reports, and performing several other investigative services.

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To learn more about our complete range of attorney services, please contact our SVI today. As a leading California private investigator, we look forward to developing a lasting relationship with your law firm and to becoming your trusted source for all types of investigative attorney services throughout California.